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Title: Changing Channels (Mythklok Interstitial)
Author: tikistitch
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Lord Ganesh relaxes.
Warnings: Nothing much.
Notes: Just a short, silly one.

Lord Ganesh sighed and looked down the vast expanse that was his living room couch.

There, far at the other end, two couch cushions away, was his lovely angel, sitting hunched over a remote control, all of his attention directed towards the television monitor sitting before them.

“Boy, this season’s television is a real crap sack,” opined Sariel.

Ganesh contemplated the situation. How he longed to be sitting near his dear one, the lovely scent of freshly washed angel hair in his nostrils, the warm soft feeling of angel skin below his many fingertips. Ganesh and his family were creatures of touch, and simple proximity simply did not satisfy. He had been with Sariel long enough now, however, to realize that any encroachment upon the angel’s personal space would only serve to aggravate the situation, not to mention aggravate the sometimes persnickety angel. Angels, he knew, had somewhat the temperament of a stray cat: only inclined to approach when they damned well felt like it.

Ganesh’s eyes drifted over to the end table. A thin smile traced across his handsome face. Casting a glance at Sariel, who was still much enraptured with cursing human television networks for falling short on the job, Ganesh reached over and donned his eyeglasses: he did not really require them, of course, they were only an aid for viewing various modern human devices, such as cellular phones. Plus, they were designer frames, and even Ganesh was forced to admit he looked quite sexy in them.

He then took up another object: his small, slim laptop computer. His long-fingered hands flipped open the device, and then it was a few flicks to call up a spreadsheet.

Any spreadsheet, really.

A smile edged his face as he clicked row C-24.

“Oh, well, hello there!” he said, as if surprised. “You know, don’t you, that it will be quite difficult for me to see my compute screen with you right there.”

The angel on Ganesh’s lap tilted back his head, and Ganesh found himself confronted by a scowling pair of court formed green eyes.

Sariel squirmed around a bit to make himself more comfortable, and then went back to working the remote control.

“Well, ‘tis a pity,” sighed Ganesh, looping his arms around the angel to close the laptop, and then setting it aside with a studied look of deep regret. “Much work to be done.”

He tugged at his reading glasses, only to find a hand on his arm.

“Leave the glasses. I like ‘em,” said Sariel.

Ganesh’s grin looked altogether too large for his handsome face. He leaned back, contented arms full of angel.
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