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Title: Grand Finale (Mythklok Interstitial)
Author: tikistitch
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Everyone’s a critic.
Warnings: Lots of meta on this one.
Notes: Z was in the mood for some Mythcrack, so here you go. This happens during Chapter 102, which I sort of haven’t finished yet. But oh well. Ganesh and Skwisgaar are on a kind of road trip, is all you gotta know.


“Oh, hey, Ganesh.”

“Sariel. Really!

Charles grinned and leaned back in his chair, cradling the handset between his head and shoulder. “So I take it you saw the episode?”

“Yes, the motel last night was equipped with Dish Network,” said Ganesh.

There was a pregnant pause.

“So. What did you guys think?”

“Sariel. The big reveal? Uriah is … he is Caspar, the rather unpleasant ghost?”

Charles burst out laughing. “We had an effects budget to blow. Besides, you wanted to see the guy hunched over updating his Bumbler for eleven minutes? Not very metal.”

“But, really. And his weakness is he cannot breach water? On planet earth? Isn’t that a bit of a poor planning?”

“OK, I’ll grant you, it’s not as cool as Kryptonite. But we got to re-use the submarine set.”

“I thought you said the intent was usage of money? Not cost savings? You are as inconsistent as your own character.”

“Heh,” said Charles.

“And we have seen so little of Skwisgaar….”

“I ams not wants to talk about dat!” came Skwisgaar’s voice from the background.

“Yeah, you see. Now, that’s not me. He didn’t wanna do voice work this season,” said Charles.

“You ams mades me wit’ da monster dicks last times!” shouted Skwisgaar, who was presumably listening from the passenger seat. “Da GMILFs ams all scared of me now!”

“It wasn’t me! It was the Klokanimators, having a laugh,” said Charles.


“Hey, complain to Pickles,” grinned Charles, who was relieved to have negotiated an ironclad no nudity clause in his own contract after the first season.

“And speaking of your animators,” said Ganesh, “whatever happened to William’s tattoos?”

“I ams not watches dat parts!” chimed in Skwisgaar.

“You’re, uh, actually the first one who’s complained,” Charles told him.


“I don’t think anyone else made it through that bit. Other than Toki. Is he there, by the way?” asked Charles.

“Asleep. In back,” answered Ganesh.

“We ams dopsed him up wit’ da Dramamamaines,” said Skwisgaar.

“Well, I wouldn’t term it, er, doping,” demurred Ganesh.

“You ams gived him da handsfull. And you gots da hands, Mr. Doctor Guys!” said Skwisgaar.

“Well. I suppose,” said Ganesh.

“Anything else?” asked Charles.

“Yes indeed! Roy Cornickleson’s death was idiotic. Magnus hooking up with the Revengencers was unbelievable. The producer character continues to behave like a poorly written fan fiction character. Pickles’ motivation for quitting is muddled. The writers seem to have no idea what to do with Toki’s personality, so they’ve given him multiples. Your own character veers wildly between omnipotence and ineptitude, there is too much attention given to fanservice and not enough to character development, and the music has been subpar.”

“So, you liked it?” asked Charles.


“We ams might not have da cables next weeks!” added Skwisgaar.

“We may miss the ending!”

“Or have to downloads on da BuzzTubes!”

“Seriously, you can’t send us a copy now, could you, Sariel?” pleaded Ganesh.

“Now, you guys know, I’m not allowed to do that,” grinned Charles.

“No! I ams not knows how I can sleeps!” wailed Skwisgaar.

“We are pleading, Sariel!” added Ganesh.

“Welllllll, I’ll see what I can do,” said Charles. “No, I got another appointment, so we’ll catch up later.”

Ganesh emitted a long sigh. “All rightie, then. Goodbye, dear.”

“Gets us da epi-“ Skwisgaar started to say, before the phone went dead.

“So, you gonna get them the show?” asked Raziel, who had been sitting on Charles’ desk, listening in.

“No,” said Charles. “Let ‘em tough it out.”

“You’re evil.”

“Well, I will take credit for that. However, there is another reason.”

“What reason?” asked Raziel.

“I can’t sent them the episode, because we don’t have it yet,” Charles explained.

“You don’t have it yet?” asked Raziel. “What happened? Nathan didn’t destroy it, did he?”

“No. We haven’t written it yet,” said Charles, leaning back in his chair.

Raziel gawped. “Wait. You did all this, and had no idea how it was gonna end?”

“Yep!” said Charles.

“Well. That was poor planning,” said Raziel. “So, what are you gonna do.”

“What we always do,” said Charles, going into a desk drawer.

“Oh, that! Can I play?”


And so, Charles mounted the dartboard over his desk, and put a blindfold on Raziel.

“Am I even aimed in the right direction?”

“It doesn’t matter. How do you think we came up with the sword fight ending?” asked Charles.

“How?” asked Raziel, peeking under the blindfold.

“Pickles made a throw that ended up in my fencing award!” said Charles.

“Cool!” said Raziel. She repositioned the blindfold, and Charles turned her around and around. She concentrated, and threw….

….and the dart went straight out of the open window.

“Whoa!” said Raziel, peeking again.

“OK,” said Charles, writing on a clipboard. “Defenestration.”

“This is an awesome way to write!” said Raziel.

“Emmy’s for sure,” said Charles. “Now we got the plot. We'll go again, so we’ll see what to do over the end credits! This will take a while. Why don't you take 5 or 6 darts at a time?”
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