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I was gonna post this here and then I remembered no one reads this blog any more, so then I posted it on my Tumblr in hopes of losing followers, but I only lost one follower, so that sucked. So maybe I'll put it here anyway and you all can un-friend me.

by tiki

According to Roger Daltry, to successfully toss the TV out the window and into the swimming pool, it's gotta be still plugged in. I'm buying a extra-long extension chord, and I'm gonna now rave drunkenly about what might prevent the likely Tiki TV Tossing:

**Bring back Toki/Skwisgaar! Yeah, I know, Tommy-the-voice-actor is ALL THE WAY IN HOLLYWOOD nowadays, boo-freaking-hoo. Go get him and drag his ass to the studio and get me my damn Euro-ho-yay.

**No more whiny-ass-bitch Charles. Man survived a fall from an 11th story window. He does NOT cry about mean ol' Nathan missing his birthday. CHARLES DOESN'T HAVE A BIRTHDAY.

**He's Dr. Rockso. He does c-c-c-c-c....whatever. What pisses me off isn't so much 16 episodes about that fucking clown, it's that WHAT ABOUT FUCKING NATHAN? Remember him?

**No comeuppance for Seth. EVER. I don't care about what the stupid fans want: Seth's a sociopath. PSYCHOPATHS ARE CHARMING. In real life, every single one of them would be kissing Seth's slimy butt and making fun of Pickles. Keep it real, Brendon.

**THE TRIBUNAL DAMMIT! I want my funny-named expert, a re-cap from Stampingston, Crozier being a grumpy bitch, and that Luke SkyJoker dude telling them all WE MUST WAIT. EVERY EPISODE.

**Did I mention NATHAN FUCKING EXPLOSION. Nathan. Nathan Nathan Nathan. We are bleach.

Seriously, I'm prolly gonna just watch Game of Thrones instead.
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