The Look

Apr. 16th, 2011 12:56 pm
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DP calls this a "doodle."


Can't you just sit and eat Cheetos??

ZOMG Scarles... )

Two from Z

Apr. 14th, 2011 05:44 pm
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Yeah, more OCs.

This so totally made my day.

Warning: BABY BUTTS!!!!

Evil babies )

Fic: Aum

Apr. 14th, 2011 10:24 am
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Oh, and forgot to put in a link to this. Sahry!

Aum, by Sushi, in her BDP universe.


Other Lives
A Million Bucks the Easy Way
A Million Bucks the Hard Way

I wonder if I need a tag or something?

Somewhat more long-winded comment about this )
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This is my new head!canon for what it looks like when Raziel drags Sariel off shopping when he'd like to be somewhere else (ie, anywhere where Raziel is not).

Also cute R + W 4 EVER scribble. **hearts**
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Z did Raziel art and she's totally pretty and stuff!!!

If @#%$$ LJ will stay up long enuf for me to post... )
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While I watched!

Instead of, you know, writing my chapter!

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A bunch of arts of not-terribly-clothed Charles WITH GLOWY WINGS?

Deth_pinion's Mythklok gallery.

Because. Seriously. It just keeps getting MORE EPIC.
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Now with extra added OC to increase confusion!!

Pretty.... )
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[ profile] deth_pinion (a/k/a Death Metal DaVinci) just said I could post these WIP pieces of angel Sariel....

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I just, I don't know, you guys, what has gotten into you all this week.

STERN, SCOWLY WARNING: I literally FELL OFF THE COUCH laughing at this!

A Million Bucks the Hard Way, by [ profile] wikdsushi.

(This sort of started when Pickles went on a Spirit Walk and came back with a visitor. And then the AU folks reciprocated.)
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Arts! )


Mar. 18th, 2011 03:44 pm
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OMG you guys LOOK WHAT Z DID!!!!

Multi armed dudes! )
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A song for Sariel.

Meringue by [ profile] nugatorytm
(sung to the tune of: Cocaine, by Eric Clapton...sorry dood)

If you wanna pig out you know where to scout, meringue.
If you wanna sleep sound, with your belly round; meringue.
I love pie, I love pie, I love pie; meringue.

When your day is done, time to eat and run; meringue.
If it slops on your shoes, got those filling blues; meringue.
I love pie, I love pie, I love pie; meringue.

If your slice is gone and you want more chiffon; meringue.
When your lips start to smack; monkey on your back; meringue.
Pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie; meringue.

Pecan pie, French Silk pie, I love pie; meringue.
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If you haven't already seen this, hop over to [ profile] capslokdethklok and read [ profile] wikdsushi's hysterical MK crossover, A Million Bucks the Easy Way.

If you wanna be even more confused, it was a follow up to yet another crossover, Other Lives.
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Sariel Eyes by Z

Seriously, you guys, I just fell off the couch.

They're coming to take me away )
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So, what happened, was, Z wrote me with the idea of doing some N/C in the Mythklok universe, given that I have some kind of congenital condition that will not allow me to write N/C.

So, I said, "keen," and then proceeded to give her a list of 8,700 different little dumb, unworkable constraints on the thing (NATAN AMS STRAIGHT, CHARLES SLASH WITH EVERYONE but NATHAN...).

And then she came back and wrote this, which is just absofuckinglutely perfect.


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