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I found links to a terrible, horrible, not good at all old Misha Collins movie on Tumblr the other day (something called Moving Alan), so I started poking around YouTube for some of his old guest appearances.

This is from the first season of 24:

Now, I was a big, big 24 fan, but what surprised me is that I totally remembered this character. It's not worth watching the whole thing. Love the sexy accent, laughed my ass off at the silly Jared Padalecki 'do. But what's funny is, I totally recall the end, because I was all, SHIT THEY KILLED THE HOT GUY! Since, ya know, it's 24 and everybody dies. Damn, I miss that fucking show....
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I'm a-gonna put this on my own blog, under a cut, so I don't annoy people with babblations.

Too many feels! )
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Have a teensieh wolf pup.

So awesome

Jun. 30th, 2012 05:09 pm
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I had to put it here....


Jun. 12th, 2012 02:16 pm
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John Slattery (of Mad Men) wearing a grey suit for GQ.

Resemblance to any fictional characters of mine ends with the striped socks unfortunately (no way in hell even the combined forces of Ganesh and Raziel could talk him into that one). But, I'm just gonna sit back and contemplate the hawtness.
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Source of All That Is Good.
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...tapping into my unconscious tonight.
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L@@K what I just found on Tumblr.....

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Check this out:

This is from a manga called "Saint Young Men" (Saint Oniisan).

The premise is that JESUS AND BUDDHA are TWO YOUNG DUDES who are roommates in Japan.

It's my new favorite thing ever.
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I found this by wasting too much time on the Tumblr.

(Well, it's SNOWING. And you know it makes Seattle people grumpy.)

Deva Shree Ganesha )
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Time for some Jill Scott.

(Yeah, bad week. Feel like CFO trapped at an eternal band meeting. "What is it that you're not telling us that you don't know?"
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Because we could all stand a little more dancing elephant.

Trunks )
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Title: "Tiki's Fan Day"
Author: zsomeone
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Chips!
Warnings: Wish fulfillment

Notes: So, Z kindly offered to write us some personal crack!fic. I forget what the exact prompt was, I think we had to give her characters and some kinda situation. Anyway, I jumped at this, seeing as, much as I lack the ability to do N/C, my attempts at self-insert fic inevitably end by my being quickly squashed by a falling pyramid.

I suggested Nathan + chips. BECAUSE AMS RECIPE FOR AWESOME. And I got a bonus. This is almost too perfect.

Fan day )
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There's been an angel sneaking around my neighborhood.


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