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Ganesha drawing Sariel, by [livejournal.com profile] zsomeone.

Here are all the Mythklok chapters in order. There are also some shorter pieces, which I've tagged "Mythklok Interstitials." Those are bits I started writing when I got blocked on the latest chapter. I consider them canon too, 'cause it's my universe, but, you know, it's up to you whether you want to read 'em. Some are complete barking nonsense (especially when Raziel gets to narrate) but some of the later ones have grown more serious. I've included a few of them in the index if I feel they add to the main story or if I'm particularly fond of them. Others can be found with the tag.

Chapter 1, Collegiality
An old and quite malicious acquaintance from Charles' past shows up at Mordhaus.
Chapter 2, The Wild Hunt
Skwisgaar and Charles visit Valhalla, and Charles learns another face from his past has made herself at home there.
Chapter 3, Nathan the Destroyer
Nathan and Skwisgaar visit Asgard and enjoy tasty demon BBQ.
Chapter 4, Ski Niflheim
Dethklok visits Asgard and enjoys their winter sports, including slaying ice demons.
Part 1 Part 2
Chapter 5, Fashion Week
Lady Raziel attends the Dolce and Gabbana show, and also duels an archangel.

Continued... )

The Inheritance Arc
Prophecy and shit.
Chapter 39, Blade
Chapter 40, Birth
Chapter 41, Bambini
Chapter XX, Balderdash (An April Fools)
Chapter 42, Baptism
Chapter 43, Boon
Chapter 44, Giant Robot
Kids and toys.
Chapter 45, Trimurti Follies
Daytimes Emmy awards and tie tacks.
Chapter 46, Rings
A battle begins
Interstitial, He Ain't Heavy
Weighty matters.
Interstitial, Let's Get Kraken
Tentacles and Pickles' Special Blend.
Chapter 47, Nakama
Desu Krokku transform go!

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Just an FYI, I plan to finish up the latest mess I've written myself into, and then I'm going to stop churning out Mythklok chapters as an ongoing thing.

I'm keeping the option open to write an Interstitial in a while, though I kinda suspect I'll lose interest in the whole stupid business five minutes after calling a halt. Actually I might just delete tikific, depending on how annoyed I'm feeling that day. And I've been feeling pretty annoyed lately.

Had kinda hoped to make it to 100 chapters, but think it'll only be 98 or 99, which sort of sucks. Eh. Probably a fine fucked up Metalocalypse ending I guess.

I was thinking about posting a note in CLDK, and then I though, Pffft.
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All right. I told myself I didn't wanna bore people with this, but I sorta forgot I'm in Metalocalypse fandom.

OK. I'm tiki. This here is my blog, tikific. (That's right, you're not on a comm any more. Whoa. Heavy.)

This is C&P from the user info on my blog, tikific:

A NOTE REGARDING COMMENTS, and especially those intended as "feedback:" despite being on the Intarnets, tiki is a real live human being, with real live feelings. Note as well, there are ways of giving constructive criticism WITHOUT making yourself look like a tool. As I'm relatively new at this game, I do appreciate thoughtful feedback, but if you are unable to turn off the douche nozzle while doing so, then don't bother. And, yes, I absolutely can and will ban repeat offenders. And if you find yourself unsure how I will react to something, you can always PM me.

Anyway, that's it. Sorry again.

Here's a Ringo for you:

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Just an FYI, in case you somehow wandered over here from LJ out of total boredom and/or despair: I have kajillionty Dreamwidth entry codes, so if you wanna start an account here, go ahead and PM me. It's pretty cool: you can set it so you post to your blog here, and it all magically appears on LJ (well, when LJ is up).


Apr. 30th, 2011 06:38 pm
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Snagged a tasty, tasty DW seed account.

Now my stoopit fics have a home 4 EVAR!



Apr. 10th, 2011 10:35 am
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I fixed the Mythklok index over on Dreamwidth, so all the chapters oughta track to DW entries:


If some of the links still go astray, though, let me know, OK?

For now, I'm not moving, that's just a backup for when LJ is being a butt and you're in the middle of a chapter or something. You're perfectly welcome to comment over there if you want. I know I started to get annoyed with using Open ID to comment when one of my LJ friends moved to DW, so there's that.
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This is mostly for the 3 or 4 of you who like to read chapters as I put them up.

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In case anyone is interested )
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The next Mythklok chapter (15) has turned into another big throbbing behemoth, so it'll probably get beached on LJ this weekend.

Holiday meme thing )

Chapter 14

Dec. 3rd, 2010 11:24 am
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Just an FYI, Chapter 14 of the Mythklok mess is 99% done, but it's another freaking looooong sucker, so I think I'm gonna wait & post it this weekend, when you'll all have time to sit back and open a cold one and read. Or, close it back up and decide to look at a kewl animated gif of Nathan Explosion firing a machine instead. :D
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