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Title: Toki Warthooth and the Blustery Day (Mythklok Interstitial)
Author: tikistitch
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A walk outside
Warnings: Nothing much
Notes: Not a lot of point to this one, admittedly. Rainy season has started up here (it tends to run from September to August) and I think there's nothing cuter IN THE WHOLE WORLD than toddlers dressed in rain slickers and boots.

“Waincoat!” enthused Elias. His brio at finding himself clothed in a matching rain slicker and boots, however, could not be contained by sheer words, and so he was forced to run around in tight circles. He was instantly joined by his cousins, also outfitted in rain gear: Elias's theme, of course, was small elephants, who were all themselves dressed in raincoats and holding tiny umbrellas. Abby wore Enchanted Crystal Princess Angel Virtue Fighter-themed coat and boots, and Liam's outfit bore tiny Vikings, who were not outfitted for inclement weather, one supposed, as their Viking nature left them impervious to its effects.

“Aren't they cuuuuuuute?” gushed Raziel, who further irritated Charles by seizing his arm with her too tiny hands.

Charles sighed.

“What's going on?” asked Nathan, who, lacking anything better to do, had wandered into Charles' office to find a thundering herd of foul-weather-equipped toddlers.

“It's that time of year, it takes longer to get the damn kid dressed than you get to spend outside,” Charles groused.

“Aw, but they're soooo adorable!” said Raziel, who now had her cell phone camera out.

“You put on a boot, and then you get on the second boot, but they've already got the first one off!” raved Charles. “And then you get the other boot back on, and they've wriggled out of the coat and are running around!”

“You're going outside?” said Nathan, as that is what he had gleaned.

“Wanna come?” asked Raziel, clicking away.

“Sure!” said Nathan.

“I'll call for a couple umbrellas,” said Charles.

“Get one for me too!” said Raziel.

“What about all those fancy parasols you're always dragging around?” Charles asked.

“I don't wanna get those wet! They're designer pieces!” said Raziel.

“You wanna get going?” sighed Charles. “Before it's summer and we gotta change the gods damned outfits again?”

“Just one more picture!” she said. “I wanna send these to Wotan!”

“Raziel, wouldn't it be better to send pictures of the kids actually out in the rain?”

“Oh!” said the little angel, putting away her camera. “Hee. I hadn't thought of that! All right, come on kids, move out!”

The children completed one more circuit of their giggly dance and then cascaded out the door. The effect was very like a scoring a multiball in pinball.

Hooded Klokateers stood awaiting at the front entryway, holding umbrellas. The children poured over the threshold while Raziel grabbed an umbrella. Charles inclined his head, and a Klokateer opened an umbrella and held it up over his head.

“What do you think you're doing?” asked Raziel, blocking his way.

“Going outside, like you've been nagging me to do for the past three hours,” sighed Charles, longing for a tasty cigarette and maybe some brandy.

Raziel grabbed the umbrella from the surprised Klokateer and handed it to Charles. “Who are you, Michael Jackson? I'm teaching my kids you hold your own damned umbrella!”

Charles glowered, but she glowered back, and he at length snatched the umbrella from her. They both headed out the door. Nathan grinned and held out his hand, and his own confused Klokateer handed him an umbrella.

“These are cool!” said Nathan as he emerged into the grounds at Mordland in the light October rain.

“What are cool?” asked Charles.

“Umbrellas! Whoa!” added Nathan, seeing the children were now many orders of magnitude more excited to be outside. “What's the deal?” he asked. “Are kids stupid?”

“They just haven't seen rain a whole lot before,” Raziel laughed. “So they're not jaded, like we are.”

“They're stupid,” Charles whispered to him.

The toddlers had all crowded around a puddle, where they had made the incredibly wonderful observation that water plus stomp equals splash. Being sophisticated investigators, they soon made their way to other nearby puddles to put this hypothesis to the test.

“Aren't they gonna get muddy?” asked Nathan.

“Eh, they're angel kids. You just hose 'em off afterwards,” said Raziel.

There was a cry and a great splash. The three adults turned to see a full grown adult had just landed in the middle of a very big rain puddle. The toddlers squealed in delight as Toki Wartooth, hopping like some mad March hare, launched himself into another pool, and then another.

“Toki!” cautioned Nathan. “Hey he's gonna get pneumonia.”

“Yeah, I tried t' get him t' put on a rain coat, but he saw da kids an' hadda come out,” laughed Pickles, his face plus a few stray red dreadlocks peeking out from under a Facebones hoodie. “'Ah ams goes plays ins da puddleses wit' da kidseses!'” he added with a grin.

“Hey, what are they up to now?” asked Nathan, as Liam and Elias were hovering over a bit of mud, pointing to something. Toki huddled there as well.

There was a piercing little scream, and Abby had barreled over to glomp onto her mother's legs.

“Hee, I think I know,” said Raziel. And very soon after that, Abby's brother Liam had hastened over, something cradled in his hands, which he stuck into his sister's face. She emitted another squeal and darted over to hide behind Charles.

“Slugs,” explained Raziel, holding Liam's elbow to display the muddy, glistening creature. “Now put that back, dear,” she told him. Liam obediently scampered back to the muddy patch.

“She doesn't like slugs?” asked Nathan.

“Naw,” shrugged, Raziel. “I guess slugs are a boy thing or something.”

Pickles and Nathan suddenly exchanged a sly glance and went over to where the others were still poking in the mud. They returned, Pickles now holding something muddy.

“SLUG!” announced Nathan, as Pickles jabbed it in Raziel's face.

“Uh-huh,” she said.

“Wait, it doesn't work on you?” grumbled Nathan.

Raziel suddenly grinned and very quickly nodded her head to the left.

“Ohhhh,” said Nathan, gesturing to Pickles.

“SLUG!” they both shouted.

“Aiii!” said Charles, suddenly clutching up Abby and jumping back.

Pickles and Nathan roared with laughter.

“Get that horrible thing out of my face!” wailed Charles, now juggling his niece and an umbrella.

“Icky!” accused Abby, now safe in his arms.

“Yeah, it's icky!” protested Charles as the laughter continued.

“An' suggy!” Abby continued

“It's icky and sluggy!” Charles cast a glower around the amused crowd. “Well, if you people can't conduct yourselves in a mature manner, then Abigail and I will convey ourselves elsewhere.”

“Uh-huh! Elseweah!” agreed Abby.

“Good day to you!”

“Goo day!”

“C'mon,” said Charles, setting Abby back on the ground. “Let's go see the duckies.”

“Uh-huh!” she agreed as he led her off towards the pond. “Sugs ah icky!”

“Yes, I would have to agree. Slugs are icky.”

“An' boys ah icky!”

“Well. Yeah. Boys can be icky.”

“An', an', boys ah sugs!” she declared.

“So, boys are slugs? Well, they're both icky. Huh. I guess you got logic down. Oh, here we go.” They had just come over the crest of the hill to the pond, and, as Charles had suggested, there were ducks on the surface.

Abby suddenly forgot her ponderings regarding gender issues and, dropping Charles' hand, scampered down towards the shore. “Duckies!” she announced.

“You wanna feed 'em?” asked Charles, extracting a bag from his coat pocket. Abby padded back up to him, her little hood now hanging off, as the rain had stopped. Charles folded up his umbrella and bent over to hold out the bag to Abby. She grabbed a small fistful of bread crumbs and trundled back to the lakeside, where, with tremendous effort, she flung them into the water. The ducks, who had already been approaching in curiousity, now began, to Abby's infinite amusement, to dunk their heads after the crumbs.

“Duckies eat!” she said in wonder.

“Uh-huh. Duckies eat.”

There was a small commotion further up the hill, and then Abby's brother and cousin were stampeding down the hill towards Abby.

“Duckies eat!” she informed them, their previous quarrel regarding molluscs apparently now forgotten.

The boys gawped in apparent wonder if this great natural phenomenon. Charles rattled the bag, and now all three dipped hands in to repeat the effect.

Raziel was at Charles' side, followed by a few somewhat soggy members of Dethklok. She somehow folded a towel, which looked larger than her purse, into the small designer bag. “I scraped most of the mud off the kids. The guys are your responsibility,” she told Charles, closing up her purse.

“They're death metal musicians. You just hose 'em off,” he told her, grinning.

“Duckies eat!” shouted Elias. Charles shrugged and handed the bag of breadcrumbs off to Nathan, and the boys - all of them - headed towards the bank, and, as angels watched overthem, hurled stale baked goods at waterfowl.

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From: [personal profile] nugatorytm
Awww, The utter cuteness is overwhelming! I wonder what it is that makes kids want to stomp in a puddle? And some big kids, too. ;)

Somehow, I totally expect Charles to get prissy over a slug. C'mahn, Charles, slugs are OctoPickles' second cousins on his mother's side once removed. Or maybe twice. :D
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