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Nov. 6th, 2013 03:58 pm
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Title: 5Ever
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: tikistitch
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, Benny, Cas, Michael, Crowley
Warnings: AU. Cursing
Word Count: ~1,000.
Summary: Sam, Dean and friends are in a boy band managed by the not-so-slightly corrupt Crowley. But their lead singer, Kevin, splits for a solo career just as the band is headed for their big break. The search is on for a worthy replacement.
Notes: I place the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of my DCBB artist and her evil cohorts of evil. Also, the best joke is totally stolen from a Metalocalypse episode. I apologize to all injured parties, sorry/not sorry.

5Ever )
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